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Your natural choice - Undyed, Chemical free, Organic & ethically grown. Made in NZ.

Wyld - Natural Selection. High-end woollen products

Lightweight, stretchy, warm and cosy.

Wyld's Cosywear creates a new appreciation of comfort that stretches the boundaries of wool and how you wear it.

Become blissfully unaware of what you are wearing, whilst feeling just right.

Our Pilana, natural comfort blend of 50% Pihepe, 25% Bohepe and 25% Possum have been selected to complement each other and to create a yarn that when blended, is greater than its individual parts.

Pihepe- Pitt Island Wild Sheep grown organically and ethically in New Zealand used to create beanies, hats, scarves and blankets

Enjoy the sensory addiction of this unique, undyed and lovingly crafted yarn.

Miss World New Zealand 2016 wearing Weka Woo Woollen hat and scarf

Weka Woo Hat

Weka, a flightless native New Zealand bird, is cheeky, outgoing and vivacious. Roger Beattie spent 17 years on the Chatham Islands often involved with conservation. Each Weka Woo Hat has a Weka feather. This symbolises the conservation struggle to farm these native birds. We fully support the farming of Weka as a means of saving them from extinction. ‘No farmed species has ever died out’.

Natural beauty, Natural drape, Natural comfort.

Organically grown and scoured. A spontaneous visual harmony of non-dyed natural yarn products, spun to create garments that maintain natural drape, whilst enhancing the wearer. Do not cover yourself in plastic. We do not Superwash or Thermoset. We give natural comfort without any need to acid wash, or cover our wool in a .5 micron layer of plastic.

Organics and Ethics

Wool: Organically Grown

Possum Fur: Wild Harvested

Blend: 75% Wool, 25% Possum

Natural colour




View our range of woollen products made in New Zealand and experience the warmest, lightest garments, accessories and blankets you have ever worn. 

Wyld hats, woollen beanies, made in New Zealand, lightweight , stretchy, warm and cosy.