Technical Information

The critical pieces to understand about our wool is its helical crimp, curvature, variation in fibre diameter and the naturally smooth scales.

All these crucial factors make our wool the lightest. 

Pihepe Fibre Traits

Pihepe Fibre Traits

1- Helical Crimp.

This image shows the high curvature and helical crimp. It traps air and creates warmth without weight.

2- Variation in diameter and twist.

This image shows the irregular shape, thickness and twist of the fibres.

3- Smooth scales.

This image shows naturally smooth scales of the fibre, which provides comfort and allows gentle entanglement of other fibres.

Our Uniqueness

We grow Pihepe and Bohepe wool as nature intended, with the optimum amount of wool for the sheep to thrive. We value natural quality, created through Natural Selection over maximizing fleece weight and fibre traits designed for fast, low cost production. Below is an image of a variety of fibres as they appear under a microscope. Note the differences between a Pihepe fibre and coarse wool, fine wool, alpaca and cashmere.

Soft Loft

Soft Loft™ - Creates an airy, lightweight, lofty, cosyness.

Soft to the feel with exceptional loft. This soft-to-the-touch, airy wool has bulk and bounce. It holds its own shape easily, allowing your garments to drape naturally.

Memorable Stretch, Warmth Without Weight

Wyld products move with you. Active garments are able to adapt to your changing body. The high curvature of these soft, spring-like fibres allow for stretching and returning to their original state (known as fibre memory).

So forget your heavy, stiff or floppy garments and let your body remember Wyld.


Thermal Regulation

This wool is about thermal comfort. It's high curvature creates soft loft. The lightweight gentle entanglement of fibres is able to trap air in cool conditions and permits airflow in warm conditions. It's an air vent and an insulator all at the same time!

Freedom to Move

Allow yourself the freedom to move, similarly to the way the Pihepes dance in the wild. The rhythmic movement from a restful state to active and agile without restraint.