Don't cover yourself in plastic.

Our Pihepe and Bohepe are fully certified organic to the USDA NOP standard (United States Department of Agriculture, National Organic Program) and run free across the hill country at Lucas Bay and Ataahua on Banks Peninsula. They are resilient, agile and graceful, with a natural ability to survive.

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Pihepe and Bohepe are pasture raised and grazed, receive no chemical treatment, inoculation or antibiotics in their lifetime and their tails are left as nature intended, wagging behind them. They are shorn once a year in the summer thus allowing them to keep warm through the winter months.

Nature has been around far longer than modern chemical farming practises and has a way of ensuring its own survival. It would be truly remarkable if we thought we had more wisdom than nature.
— Roger Beattie

About our Organic Farms

All our sheep receive minimal handling, once per year for shearing and weaning! They roam wild on the hills the rest of the time.

PIWS roaming the wild hills on Banks Peninsula

PIWS roaming the wild hills on Banks Peninsula

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Our farming practise allows for our sheep to enjoy life.

We grow Pihepe and Bohepe wool as nature intended, the optimum amount of wool for the sheep to thrive. Pihepe and Bohepe receive minimal yard work in their lifetime and their tails are left as nature intended, wagging behind them. 

  • no tailing
  • no mulesing
  • no injections
  • no antibiotics
  • no drenching
  • no dipping

Slow Fibre Movement

Quality uncompromised by speed.


We use slow manufacturing to meet the needs of the fibres, carefully creating each yarn for your use.


We grow and manufacture all of our products in New Zealand.


Wyld works with nature to provide wool products as nature intended. Using human ingenuity, we have created ways to use these natural fibres. Rather than altering the fibres to meet the needs of fast production we have slowed down the manufacturing process to accept the natural characteristics of the Pihepe and Bohepe wool. We are committed to taking the time to get everything right, without cutting corners.