celebrates the wonders of nature

The name Wyld was chosen to reflect the link between the Pihepe and the Bohepe's survival through Natural Selection and what man naturally selects in order to thrive.

Wyld garments mimic the natural fleeces of the Pihepe and Bohepe, which endure extreme conditions in the wild. These woollen garments allow you to adapt to your environment in the same way the sheep’s wool is able to adapt to its environment.



Naturally Nurtured

Pitt Island Wild Sheep, named Pihepe, originate from Saxony Merinos. They were sent to Pitt Island in the Chatham Islands off the East coast of New Zealand in 1841 by Baron von Alsdorf. In 1843, Frederick Hunt was the first person to farm them on Pitt Island.

They have now been thriving in this challenging environment, untouched by man since then. Lying 12 miles SE of Chatham Islands, Pitt Island is as far away from crowded cities as you can get. It is the most Southern and Eastern inhabited island in the world.



Leave them Alone

Bohepe, a composite fine wooled sheep bred by AgResearch combined 9 different breeds of Wildsheep, East Friesians, Finnish Landrace, Wiltshires and Merinos to create a short tailed, bare breech, easy care sheep. Roger Beattie, seeing the potential, bought these sheep and started breeding and farming them organically alongside his Pihepe on Banks Peninsula, New Zealand.

Roger named these sheep Bohepe to reflect the link between their wild origin and how they are farmed, wagging their tails behind them. The translation comes from Hipi, the Maori name for Sheep and Bo, from the nursery rhyme.

Little Bo Peep, has lost her sheep, and doesn’t know where to find them. Leave them alone and they’ll come home, wagging their tails behind them.
— Nursery Rhyme

Pilana - Hand Knit Yarn

Natural Comfort

Pilana yarn is made from 50% Pihepe wool, 25% Bohepe and 25% Possum that is blended to create yarn with sensory addiction.  Our blend has evolved to encapsulate the best attributes of the individual fibre’s uniqueness; lightweight, soft and warm.  We use slow manufacturing to meet the needs of the fibres, carefully creating each ball of yarn for your use. 

Pilana is both hand knitting yarn and machine knitting yarn that we will use and will sell to other commercial knitters ie: Untouched World.

Pilana yarn is made 100% in New Zealand from 100% natural fibres.

Pilana_hand_knit_yarn_with _possum

Natural Selection

Natural Selection is what nature naturally selects

Roger believes that no one can identify the best selection of sheep to breed but he thinks he can deselect the worst. Wyld products are made from the wool of the Pitt Island wild sheep which are bred through Natural Selection, therefor allowing you to experience this wool in its strongest form with the best attributes.

Man selects only for his own good: Nature only for that of the being which she tends.
— Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species

Meet the founders - Roger and Nicki Beattie

Roger Beattie, enviropreneur and founder of Wyld, lived on the Chatham Islands for 17 years and became enamoured by this wild and free breed. When he returned to New Zealand, he bought 8 ewes and 2 rams with him and continued to purchase more Pitt Island Wild Sheep when he could.

Roger and Nicki now run 2500 Pihepe on Banks Peninsula and continue to breed and develop these wild sheep through Natural Selection. This free and wild life attributes to their easy care, hardiness, agility and resilience.

Their vision is to become the world's premier wool producer from easy care, ethical, organic sheep with a goal to create unique fibres of outstanding quality by combining the wonderful diversity of nature with infinite human ingenuity.

Nature has been around far longer than modern chemical farming practises and has a way of ensuring its own survival. It would be truly remarkable if we thought we had more wisdom than nature.
— Roger Beattie

Roger and Nicki are also owners of other organic and innovative companies. See below for links.