Weka Woo Hat For Conservation


New Zealanders are known as ‘Kiwis’, but more appropriately we should be referred to as ‘Wekas’ because they are closer to our psyche than the Kiwi, who are nocturnal and shy. Weka, a flightless native New Zealand bird, is cheeky, outgoing and vivacious.

Roger Beattie spent 17 years on the Chatham Islands often involved with conservation. Weka were a constant companion from the thick bush to the shore.

"You can’t live on the Chathams and not have empathy for the Weka".

Each Weka Woo Hat has a Weka feather. This symbolises the conservation struggle to farm these native birds.

We fully support the farming of Weka as a means of saving them from extinction.

No farmed species has ever died out.
— Roger Beattie


Possum Fur

Possum fur is a light but warm and luxurious fibre, which is hollow with no scales. It is very silky to handle and will not freeze, even when exposed to periods of prolonged cold. Possum fur is low-pill and anti-static which give your garments a longer life. It blends remarkably well with the high curvature of the Pihepe and Bohepe wool. The Australian brushtail possum is a major agricultural and conservation pest in New Zealand. By using the fur we are contributing to the control of the Possum in New Zealand.